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Jim & Lana Bel (And Roxy)

Jim Bel has been an active hunter since he was a child and continues to love the sport of duck hunting. He killed his first alligator when he was 11 years old which just happened to be 13 feet long. Over the years, his passion for the sport gained him national reputation, especially with Ducks Unlimited. He is a past member of the National Board of Trustees and Trustee Emeritus as well as a lifetime member of Ducks Unlimited. Mr. Bel is also a charter member of the Ducks Unlimited of Louisiana and is responsible for the establishment of over 20 chapters in Louisiana and surrounding states. In his spare time he manages J. B. Bel Properties and is President of Lake Arthur Rice Dryer. In addition to his acknowledgements, he is also known in South West Louisiana as "Marsh Man!" He loves the marsh so much that he asked his wife to marry him on the way back from a duck hunt. The area remains sacred ground.

Though it is easy to see that Mr. Bel enjoys hunting, he enjoys teaching those around him just as much. If you are lucky enough, you can enroll in the McNeese State University Leisure Learning class that Mr. Bel has been teaching for nearly 5 years. In this class you not only learn about the environment and conservation, but you can learn how to trap and properly hunt an alligator.

So what makes the Hackberry Hunting Lodge different from the competition?

  • Safety and conservation are our priority.
  • We are a family oriented organization as children (12 and up) and women are more than welcome.
  • We offer some of the best food around.
  • The trip to your blind is not only quick, but dry. We drive you right up to the blind.
  • We offer a Sunday hunter's church service which is short and sweet to those who wish to participate.

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Bel's Hackberry Hunting Lodge
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